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Life Changing Opportunities

For the millions of students in public and private schools around the world, there is a remarkable opportunity available to all, typically beginning in middle school all the way through college — the opportunity to experience a class trip to … Continue reading

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I met a woman who wrote an amazing story about her very difficult, abusive childhood. The book was published and nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 2001 — You Better Not Cry. Although Janet is a great deal older than … Continue reading

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Overcoming Challenges Through Art

It’s impossible to think of two thoughts at the same time… which is awesome when you stop and think about what we’re able to do with this. For example, whenever I’m having a tough day, the first thing I do … Continue reading

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A Hope and a Dream

There are many organizations across the globe who have lovingly undertaken the endearing cause of older adoptions. These older children are from a broad spectrum of challenging situations that present an extra variable to adoption’s often complicated equation. Some that … Continue reading

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Annika is shy and won’t let me take her picture. Annika and Paulina are sisters, so their background is the same. Annika was a freshman in high school this year, acclimating to a foreign country at the beginning of her … Continue reading

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It takes a lot of courage for a teenager to agree to let someone blog their “story” to the world. Thank you, Paulina, I greatly appreciate your sacrifice. Paulina’s mother was born and raised in Germany, and moved to Mexico … Continue reading

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